Welcome to My Practice

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. Many people have questions regarding therapy. If you are seeking a therapist then I hope that this website will give you the information you need to make an informed choice.

Therapy offers the individual the following benefits:

*     Relief from symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

*      Improved relationships

*      Stress reduction

*      Increased coping skills

*      Increased motivation and personal growth

*     Greater self- awareness

*      Clarity in making decisions

I bring many years of diverse experience to the practice of therapy. My work with adults, couples, adolescents and the LGBTQ community, in several venues, make me uniquely qualified to address many life issues and challenges. My career encompasses pastoral ministry, spiritual direction, teaching, workshops and retreat leadership.

I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches tailored to meet your specific needs. These approaches include,  psycho-dynamic approach, personality typing, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and solution focused therapy.

If you are struggling with a life transition (divorce, retirement, career change) relationship
issues, self esteem concerns or if you seek self awareness and personal development then my therapeutic practice is an excellent choice for you.