Life Changing Coffee

Life Changing Coffee continued….
As we order coffee at the Life Changing Coffee shop, we asked the server, what is life changing about your coffee? The young man replied, “If I sell enough coffee, I can move to Bermuda and that would change my life! Fair enough, but what makes it life changing for us we asked? To which he replied, nothing mates, it’s just coffee. His response generated a lot of laughter for our little group. It was also a reminder that how we look at things can make a huge difference in the living of our lives. The young man serving coffee viewed his work, not just as a way to make money but as a way to achieve his dreams. He wasn’t about just pouring endless cups of coffee but moving ever more closely to a great adventure in Bermuda. What about us too? Is there any situation in our life that could use a re-frame or a new perspective? A frame that is motivating and inspiring? A perspective that puts us in the place of creating the life we want for ourselves? Let me know what you think.